It’s a simple word. A short word.┬áBut it’s a word that can bring unlimited inspiration. A word that can inspire someone to do things they never thought possible. However it’s also a word that can bring fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of leaving behind what is comfortable. Fear of doing something you just don’t quite feel qualified for.

And it’s a word that Jesus clearly states as He leaves with His final commandment to His followers. His final commandment to me. His final commandment to you.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”
- Matthew 28:19


Go is a word that sums up our lives… in many ways.

We are strong believers that Jesus’s commandment rings true not only for those initial followers, but for each and everyone of us today who follow Him. We are called to Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. For some of us that’s our own neighborhood, for others’ that half way across the globe digging wells in Africa.

And our passion, our calling, is to bridge these areas and provide the resources for those who are called to Go around the world as well as provide the opportunities for those who are called to Go into their own city.

The way we do this is a ton of different avenues all streaming from the same heart.

First of all, as of the beginning of October 2014 we will be serving as the Missions and Outreach Pastors for Go Church (see that word Go again) in Washington D.C.. Go Church is a Church Plant/Relaunch by our good friend JC Worley in the DC area that has a heart to serve the city as well as launch more Churches around the world. We will be leading the local outreach initiatives, the international Missions initiatives, as well as leading Church Planting ideas and processes.

In addition, because of our experience in a broad range of Churches, we will be helping in various Ministry areas to further the experience those who are far from Jesus have in our environments.

Our primary purpose is to share vision with those who already are a part of the Church to “Go”, as well as provide the opportunities and resources for them to do just that. Then, to dream up and execute ways for Go Church to partner with other Churches to be the “Hands and Feet” in our community.


Secondly, we will also be ramping up our own Nonprofit, Echo Your Story, which provides marketing, media and business consulting for Nonprofits and Missionaries around the world.

Right now, in every country, all around the world there are people who are following a call God has placed on their lives to love others until it hurts. To feed the hungry. To clothe the naked. To take care of the orphan. To provide micro finance to the poor. To build houses for the homeless. To bring education to the illiterate. To give water to those who thirst. To bring Jesus to those who are lost.

They are exhausting themselves and pouring out of themselves to make Jesus famous in all the corners of the Globe. Everyday they are a part of miracles that many people only dream of seeing. Every moment they live at the convergence of Faith, Calling and Passion; Pain, Suffering and Brokenness. Many have left jobs, families, friends, homes, financial security… and are now living on the front lines. Most work in the shadows, not in the limelight or with fan-fare… and all of them have no interest in pursuing those things. They know that their purpose, their life, is found in relentlessly pursuing the call that God has placed on their lives.

Missions3And while they have no desire for the spotlight, no ambitions to be known… they fight the constant battle of telling their story to other people who might could get involved all with limited time and limited resources. These are the unsung heroes who are living out the Great Commission and it is our desire to further their mission by doing what we are passionate about.

We are passionate about telling the stories of Missionaries and Nonprofits around the world in a way that connects them to potential supporters and builds their relationships with their current partners. We want to walk alongside these people as they do what they are called to do and provide them with the resources they need to continue changing the world and making Jesus famous.

Our goal is to serve these incredible people by providing video, photography, website design, social media design, print media, graphics, blogs, newsletters and more that they need to tell their story and build their support. Not only that but we want to train them on using the resources they do have to better communicate their vision, mission and needs with those who care.


Blake_Kim_1Blake grew up in North East Georgia where he worked in Churches for many years. He then went to Georgia Tech in Atlanta where he obtained a Bachelors of Business Management before being hired as the Director of Video and Creative Services for Georgia State University Athletics. After several years there Blake moved to St. Louis Missouri to begin working on Echo Your Story as well as working with Twin Rivers Worship Center where he served as both Creative Director and Children’s Director.

Kimberly grew up in St. Louis and has had a passion for Missions and especially orphan care from a young age. Her family home served as a Foster Care home for most of her childhood where her family was able to love and support over 20 foster kids who were in need of love. Kimberly has since found a passion for telling stories and using her passions and skills to change the world. Kimberly also served alongside Blake in leading the Children’s Ministry for Twin Rivers Worship Center and now serves on the team of Go Church.